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Pikes Peak Photo offers high quality photographs of weddings, events and nature. The photographer, Wojtek Rychlik, is a recipient of top awards from Photographic Society of America - the most prestigious photographic organization. Rated #1 in the World in Electronics stereo section of PSA's 2007 and 2008 "Who's Who in Photography". All of the original photos displayed in the galleries are shown significantly reduced in size. PPP specializes in custom-made high resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) scenic or industrial views, extreme macro photography and portraits in nature. Check the Contact page for more information. Here is the list of services.

This site has 8 galleries. Each gallery has links to single images. Each photo, except the Portraits & Events gallery and some aerial galleries, is described. This may help you with a determination on whether it is worth to receive a full size photograph or how to make a similar picture. Nearly all the images, including single photos from the stereoviews gallery are suitable for high resolution poster size printing (you may check the pixel image size of the original). How big prints you can get from my pictures is explained here. The images, especially anaglyphs, require a correctly callibrated monitor to view. Please check the gamma of your monitor and if it's not correct (2.2) please callibrate it, or at least adjust the brightness & contrast to see all the rang of greys below:
grey scale chart

Note: Due to personal nature of weddings this site does not display higher resolution photos from these events. You may view only thumbnails of a Full wedding session (minimum 250 photos) by clicking on part 1, part 2 or part 3. The pricing is competitive.

You will also find a link to tips on photography resolution and choosing a digital camera. The article contains a resolution chart that I designed that helped me greatly in camera / lens selection process. You are welcome to download this chart and its high resolution elements for personal use. It is a copyrighted material and cannot be distributed for public use without my permission.

Special thanks to Dale Beyer who wrote CGI the script enabling you to easily change the format & size of the large 3D photographs.


Wojtek Rychlik is a nature photographer and a biologist. He received his Ph.D. degree in biology in Poland in 1980, and he has several publications, mostly in scientific biochemical journals. He has been interested in photography since the late 60s, and began a photographic studio in 2001. He has been active in making stereoscopic images since early 2000s. In 2007 and 2008 he has been rated number one in the World in the Stereo Electronic Files section by the Photographic Society of America. More bio. on Wikipedia.