The Middle Park Panorama

This is a 360 degrees view made 6 miles northwest of Winter Park. The original panorama is 27,824 x 2000 pixels, but here it is only shown the top 1100 pixels of it. It is split into 20 images, 1500 pixels wide.

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Colorado Mountains View from Middle Park

360° Panorama of the Front Range Mountains near Winter Park

This view shows Williams Fork Mountains and Gore Range in the west, Rabbit Ears Range, Never Summer Mountains, Lake Granby and Longs Peak in the North, Indian Peaks, James and Parry Peaks in the east, Winter Park and Mount Evans in the southeast, Grays Peak, Breckendridge and Vasquez Mountains (generally, all the mountains north of Interstate Highway 70, east of Williams Fork Mountains, west of Highway 40, and south of Middle Park: Byers Peak, St. Louis Peak, Mount Nystrom, Vasquez Peak, Stanley Mountain to North Cone) in the south.


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