Mosquito Range

Mosquito Range extends for approximately 40 miles from Frisco and Interstate Highway 70 in the north to the east of Buena Vista in the south, in the Summit, Lake, Park and Chaffee counties. Some people exclude the Tenmile Range from it, citing geological differences (although it is hard to say when looking at the geological map), but the actual mountain chain is perfectly continuous. There is a vague description of the south end of the mountains ranging from Weston Pass to Fremont county border (south west border of South Park). Therefore, the Range length is from 25 to 65 miles, depending on the definition. The 40 miles, mentioned above, is from Frisco to East Buffalo Peak. Actually, this mountain range continues south (being nameless) and meets the northern edge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, east of Salida, and blends eastward with the southern end of Front Range Mountains. The disputed parts of Mosquito Range are marked in light red on the map below and shown in detail on the panoramic "View of Mosquito Range..." photo below. The highest point in Mosquito Range is Mount Lincoln, 14,286 feet. The photographs are arranged from the south to north and cover continuous area from the Buffalo Peaks to Royal Mountain, near Frisco, viewed generally from the east side. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.


Mosquito Range map
Mosquito Range View East and West Buffalo Peaks South Park Horseshoe Mountain
Location of Mosquito Range in Colorado
View of Mosquito Range from Mount Princeton
East and West Buffalo Peaks
The South Park view from Harstel, with Weston Peak and Mount Sherman
From Weston Peak to Horseshoe Mountain
Mount Sheridan
Mount Sherman
Mosquito Pass
Mount Buckskin
Mount Bross
Mount Sheridan and Mount Sherman
From Mount Sheridan to Moun Evans
From Mount Evans to Treasurevault Mountain
From Mosquito Peak to Mount Cameron
From Mount Tweto to the north
Mount Lincoln
Quandary Peak
Mosquito Range from north
Tenmile Range
From Mount Camoron to Quandary Peak
From Quandary Peak to Peak 8
Breckendridge area
South view from Breckendridge
North section of Tenmile Range and south of Gore Range

For complete set of Mosquito Range pictures (views from east and west), please see description of the book "Eagle’s View of the Mosquito and Gore Ranges".



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