Events and Other Assignments

If you need a good photo coverage from an event that would be too far away from the stage or too far & inaccessible where the real action is or when no flash photography is allowed or you don't want to be distracted by making your own pictures or if you want to present a small room looking like a large one (using a super-wide angle lens) - I am your man :-) Here I show a few examples what I mean inaccessible, low light conditions or wide angle shots. The pricing is comparable with the wedding packages, and depends on the time spent.




in -

wedding in a church
wedding party
out - doors Graduation (Mdl.Sch.) Recognitions
Small Concerts
Folk songs
Various shots from the Mermaid show by Manitou Middle
School in Nov 2005
H. Sch. Show Feb 07
Ruthless: Manitou H.Sch. Play in Apr. 2007 Wide
wedding celebrations
examples Talent show 3-06 Musical performance New Year's Eve
Xmas play 2005
SLCty Jul 05 concert
Colorado Springs Childrens Chorale
manitou high school
manitou middle school
First Communion Baptism
Colorado Springs Children's
Chorale, May 17, 2009
Manitou Springs High
School Choir 2009
Manitou Springs Middle
School Choir 2009
Manitou High 2010      
Graduation 2010 1st Communion 1st Communion      


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