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Laminated Papers

Bright White Paper

The thinnest (0.16 mm) matte paper. Has a feel of standard good quality printer paper. This sample is not laminated. All examples below show the same medium with various lamination.

Bright White Paper (#36) with Write & Wipe Lamination

The 5 mil lamination gives shiny and sturdy surface that is ideal to write on with dry-wipe markers. Both sides are laminated givingtexture of a glossy cardboard.


7 mil Trade Show Luster Lamination

Sturdy luster plastic-paper medium. The surface is slightly more rough than Luster Wallpaper, similar to Photo Matte paper. The back side has 5 mil glossy finish.

Bright White Paper with 10 mil Lamination

Very thick (0.66 mm) and sturdy medium that looks like a plastic sheet, almost like a credit card. Both sides have high gloss finish.

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