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Matte and Luster Papers

Photo Matte Paper

Thin (0.18mm) photographic paper. It still has some shine, but less than Epson's Premium Luster paper.

Watercolor Fine Art Paper

Similar in texture to Epson's Watercolor Paper. Quite sturdy (0.28 mm thick). It's a totally matte, with no shine whatsoever.


Heavy Weight Paper

Thick (0.27 mm) 10 mil totally matte medium. Unlike Watercolor Paper it has no texture - it's very smooth and it is more sturdy. Colors look nice & saturated. Great quality choice for a matte medium.

Bright White Paper

The thinnest (0.16 mm), completely matte paper. Not suitable as others as a stand-alone medium, but best for lamination. Has a feel of a standard good quality printer paper.

Luster Wallpaper

Thick (0.31 mm), but very flexible medium. The top layer is a some kind of plastic, and the bottom is made out of a fibrous material for proper glue application. It has about the same shine as itemized above Photo Matte Paper.

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