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View from North-West
Great Sand Dunes
Ellingwood Pk.
Holbrook Creek Valley
Blanka from west
Crater Lake
Como & Blue Lakes
Ellingwood & Blanca Pks
Twin Peaks
Blanca massif
Medano Pass
Mosca Pass
Carbonate Mtn
Blue and Crater Lakes
twin peaks
california peak

Views from the West on Blanca Masiff

Lily Lake from the West
Holbrook Creek  Valley
Lily Lake from the West
Holbrook Creek Valley

Stereoscopic Views

Views of Blanca Peak, nearby mountains and Great Sand Dunes from the San Luis Valley. In stereo (cross-eyes or parallel view formats) this view is available on this page.

HolbrookCreek Valley: it is the main foot access to Blanca Peak. The photo shows Lake Como and Blue Lakes and surrounding valleys, Tobin Creek with Little Bear Lake to the right and Pioneer Creek with Pioneer Lake to the left. Clearly visible are the mountains (from left): Ute, Ellingwood, Blanca, Little Bear and Hamilton Peaks.

Ellingwood & Blanca Pks.: In the front there is Ellingwood Peak with a small unnamed lake that gives origin to Pioneer Creek. Behind the ridge is Crater Lake, and the next ridge is Little Bear Ridge. The last ridge behind Blanca Pk. is Hamilton Peak Ridge that forks into Hamilton Pk to the right and unnamed peak 13,180 to the left. Spanish Peaks are on the horizon.



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