Sangre de Cristo Range

Major Part of the Central Sangre de Cristo Range


This shot was made from Hwy 96, a couple of miles west of Westcliffe, CO on October 16, 2005. You need to move the scroll bar to view the entire photo. A 100% magnification crop from Marble Mtn. to Pico Asilado is shown on the thumbnail on the right in order to resolve ambiguity of the top image.
Below (as a thumbnail: click on it), a higher resolution photo of the central section, made on October 15, 2006. The mountains are named and elevation (in feet) is given. 13,123 feet is 4 km. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains stretch from Poncha Pass, near Salida, Colorado, in the north to Glorieta Pass, near Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the south. There are ten peaks over 14,000' high in this range
and 72 over 4 km high, and 86 thirteeners+. The list of top Alpine peaks is given for comparison (click on 'Alpine').

A broader view of Wet Mountains Valley, including North Sangre de Cristo and some of Collegiate Peaks is shown below. The photo was made in May of 2007. Aerial views of the Cental Sangres you can find here.

Photo Technical Data
Size of the original: 17820 x 2068 pixels
Aperture f 8, exposure 1/500 s, 70 mm, ISO 100

Size of the original: 30000 x 1944 pixels
Aperture f 16, exposure 1/90 s, 200 mm, ISO 100 (Nov. 2006)

Size of the original: 22306 x 4988 pixels (note: Both images are large enough for a several feet large print)
Aperture f 8, exposure 1/500 s, 400 mm, ISO 100
Canon 1Ds Mark II, hand held; a composite of several photos.
A higher resolution photo of central part of Northern Sangre de Cristo range
(click on the thumbnails for larger size).

Marble-Milwaukee-Pico Asilado
Cropped part of the top photo in 100% magnification

From Humboldt Peak to Comanche Pk.
Central section (click to enlarge)

Central Sangres Line-Up: aerial
Central Sangres Line-Up (click to enlarge; 9936 pix wide)

Central Sangres from Blance Pk. Line-Up
View from Hwy 69 South of  Westcliffe Airport (click to enlarge; 7400 pix wide)

the Sangres Booklet
You may purchase this 6x4" booklet "Eagle's View of the Sangres" containing 20 pages of aerial photos covering, with detailed descriptions, all the mountains viewed from the East from Blanca Massif to Salida for only $16 (shipping and taxes are included). This is a really wide panorama printed on a real glossy photographic paper.

Names of Central Sangre Mountains

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