Venus Transit


On 8 June 2004 Venus passed over the Sun. Such a transit is quite rare and happens roughly once per 2 centuries. This is how it would look like on Aleutian Islands at the sun set time on June 7th. The actual photo was made in Colorado at 20:20 on June 7th. The size and position of Venus are relatively accurate. at 20:

Size of the original: 3068 x 2165 pixels
Composite of 2 photos:
Sun: f/4, exposure 1/180s, ISO 50, with a sun filter; Venus: calculated from the web;
Background: f/8, 1/750s, ISO 50. Canon EOS 1Ds, F.L. 400 mm.

On the right: a 300x300 pix cropped image from the original photo.

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