Winter Analemma


Analemma curve is drawn by the Sun when the photos are made at exactly the same time of the day. The entire analemma resembles figure "8", when photographed the entire year. On a few days, when the sky was cloudy, I've copied the Sun image from the previous day. Fortunately, all days were sunny when the Sun was touching the horizon (sometimes with a little bit with a faint cloud). The lowest Sun position was at December 13, not on winter solstice (Dec. 22 of 2003).

Size of the original: 4723 x 3059 pixels
Composite of several photos:
Sun: f/8, exposure 1/500s, ISO 100, with a sun filter
Background: f/5.6, 1/350s, ISO 50. Canon EOS 1Ds, F.L. 400 mm.

On the right: a 200x300 pix cropped image from the original photo.

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