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Cottonwood Creek Valley
Comanche Lake Valley
Horn Peak
Comanche Lake
Horn Peak at Sunrise Horn from the West
Horn Peak at Sunrise
Horn Peak
Horn Peak
Horn from the east
Mt Adams & Fluted Pk.
cottonwood creek valley
Horn Peak
Comanche valley
Comanche Lakes from West
Snow drift near Horn-Fluted
Comanche Lakes from West

Cottonwood Creek and Comanche Lake Trails

Cottonwood Creek trail is 4 miles long, moderate in difficulty. There is 3 miles to the first meadow.

Comanche Lake Trail is 4.5 miles long and starts at the Venable-Comanche trailhead. Just near the lake it joins Middle Fork trail that leads over the Comanche Pass and subsequently reaches the other side of the Sangres via North Crestone Lake trail (see the Comanche/Venable Pass photo).

adams-rito anaglyph
This view requires red/cyan glasses


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