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Lakes of the Clouds Valley
Texas Creek Valley
Lakes of the Clouds Valley
Gibbs Peak
Gibbs Lakes Gibbs Peak from South
Lakes of the Clouds Valley
Lakes of the Clouds
Gibbs Peak from North
lakes of the clouds
LOC Valley
Mt. Marcy, Owen
Spread Eagle, Cloud and Silver Peaks
clouds peak
Lakes of the Clouds
The Sangres

Gibbs Pk. at Sunrise
Gibbs Pk. (left) at Sunrise

Lakes of the Clouds and Texas Creek

Lakes of the Clouds trail is 6 miles long, moderate in difficulty, and starts at the Gibson Creek trailhead (Gibson Creek originates on Spread Eagle Peak, for confusion). Best to visit from May to December, but much of the trail resembls a dry creek bed, with lots of rocks.

Texas Creek trail, 6.5 miles long is easy in the first half as it goes through Rainbow trail that is paralel to the mountains. The actual TX Creek trail up is strenouous.

anaglyph of central Sangres
This view requires red/cyan glasses


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