Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge, click on titles to view anaglyphs: the 3D images requiring red/cyan glasses.

leftthe other sideright
Baca Grande aerial view North od Great Sand Dunes view

Crestones summits
Crestone Peak photo
Upper Willow Creek Lake view
Stupa in Baca Grande picture
Crestones - Broad View
the crestones
Stupa in Baca Grande
Kit Carson Mtn. picture Kit Carson Massif Summits
Lower Willow Creek Lake view
Road to Crestone
Kit Carson Mtn. with Obstruction Pk. view
Challenger Point
Road to Crestone/B. Grande
meadow near Crestone
Crestones in the fall view
Upper Willow Creek  Lake with Crestones view
Crestones in winter view
cottonwood creek valley end
The Valley near Crestone
Hummingbirds watching
their flowers
Crestolita in winter view
Deadman Valley in winter view
Deadman Valley peaks
Deadman Valley aerial view
view of Cleveland Peak
Pico Asilado
Kit Carson - General View
Challenger Pt. view
Spanish Creek view down
Mt. 7
Deadman Mesa
Crestones and Golden Lotus Mtn.

Mountains from Great Sand Dunes to Baca Grande viewed from San Luis Valley s
The Crestones in fall
Challenger Point The Crestones in fall
The Crestones in Fall
Challenger Point
Kit Carson Summit

Stereoscopic Views

Views of mountains and valleys from Baca Grande/Kit Carson to Great Sand Dunes/Mt. Herrad. For Kit Carson Mtn.: Challenger Point (14,080) is on the left, Kit Carson in the center and Columbia Point (13,980) on the right.

Crestones & Kit Carson : in stereo (cross-eyes or parallel view formats) is available on this page.

Two Kit Carson Massif Summits (all historically named as Kit Carson Mountain)- Challenger Point and Columbia Point were named to commemorate the crews of Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters in 1986 and 2003, respectively. See the summary on Alan Silverstein page. Below are the photos of the commemorative plaques installed on the summits of Challenger and Columbia Points, made by Dwight Sunwall and Mike Smith, respectively. Poth "Points" have prominence over 300', and therefore should be named as "Peaks".

Challenger Point plaque Columbia Point plaque


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